Freediving Cup Greece has announced that next month it will host in collaboration with Vostok Watches the 2018 Vostok Europe Freediving Cup.

The event will be hosted in Freediving Club Greece’s own “Calm Zone” in Kalamata, which sports clear, calm seas and good safety conditions.

The Vostok Europe Freediving Cup will be an AIDA World Record Status event with four competition days where athletes can select from the Constant Weight (CWT), Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) or Free Immersion (FIM) disciplines.

Winners will be determined by their total points in the three disciplines, and the competition will have 9000 Euros/~US$10,511 in prizes.

The entry fee will be 300 Euro/~$350 for the whole competition week — October 7th-14th, 2018.

To register, check out Freediving Club Greece’s Facebook page.

Vostok Europe Freediving Cup To Take Place In Kalamata, Greece