Want To Learn How To 3D Print An Old-School Dive Helmet?

3D-Printed Dive Helmet Replica
Bo Noergaard Silkeborg's 3D-Printed Dive Helmet Replica

Have a thing for old-school dive helmets? Well, Bo Noergaard Silkeborg, a Danish designer, has figured out a way to 3D-print a replica of a full-size version of one.

Silkeborg designed and printed the helmet in 26 parts and then put it together with nuts and bolts. While chances are it won’t be completely waterproof, the parts move like they’re supposed to and it likely wouldn’t be as expensive as an actual, vintage dive helmet which can cost thousands of dollars.

Silkeborg also gave it a realistic paint job and even scanned and 3D-printed a model of his own head that he put inside the helmet.

For more info on how he did it, check out 3Dprint.com and the YouTube video below.

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