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Pure Apnea and NELOS Establish Joint Freediving Education System

South African based Pure Apnea and Belgium based Nederlandstalige Liga Voor Onderwaterzoek En Sport (NELOS) have announced a new joint initiative aimed at providing high quality freediving education both in Belgium and internationally.

The partnership will allow both NELOS and Pure Apnea to issue both Pure Apnea and CMAS qualifications to their students and have a jointly agreed standard for their freediving education systems.

“Pure Apnea has been searching for like-minded organisations who share a similar aim of maintaining high freediving education standards. We have found this in NELOS and believe that our partnership will provide a desperately needed alternative to the current downward shift in freediving education standards seen internationally,” said John Daines, Manager of Pure Apnea. “Besides having established course equivalencies with NELOS, qualified Pure Apnea instructors are now able to register as CMAS Associate Instructors and provide CMAS certification to their students. This partnership opens up a multitude of possibilities for the growth of both our organisations. We look forward to working closer with NELOS and CMAS in future to grow freediving and to maintain the high standards needed to ensure the safety of our students.”

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Stephan Whelan
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