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Watch The Abingdon Foundation Help Women Excel

On November 3, 2017, the 10th birthday of her women’s technical watch company The Abingdon Co., founder Abingdon Mullins launched The Abingdon Foundation — a non-profit dedicated to helping more women become involved in non-traditional fields. And not just professionally, but recreationally as well.

This year, they awarded their very first dive scholarship, and the winner, Deanna Morris Stacy (pictured above), is here with us at DEMA Show 2018.

Deanna originally got certified to dive in 2003, and though life and motherhood led her in a different direction for a while, she was anxious to get back into the water. When she heard about the Abingdon Foundation scholarship, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to rekindle that passion. The sponsorship brought her here to DEMA, to learn what’s new in the diving world and to plan what steps are next in her journey back to the sea. Inspired by Deanna’s fresh adventure, her nineteen-year-old daughter is now aiming for certification herself!

The Abingdon Co. is here on the convention floor at booth 1271 with a gorgeous selection of their signature women’s watches for dive, aviation, travel, and now even racing! covered their great design and practical functionality at DEMA Show 2014, when we introduced readers to the Marina, their dive watch for women. This year, they’re definitely in the business of making sales, but their big effort is a fundraising push for The Abingdon Foundation.

Their goal is to raise US$5000 (~4417 Euros) at DEMA Show 2018. Stop by the booth to donate, or click here to see how you can get involved from home. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for live events from the show floor, and keep a weather eye peeled: word has it that a new dive watch is on its way for 2019!

Erin Durbin-Sherer
Erin Durbin-Sherer
Erin began diving in 2012 as preparation for a trip to Hawaii and before the year was out she'd left her old life behind to work in the dive industry full-time. When she's not out exploring the deep and collecting c-cards, you might find her making art or working on her master's thesis in cultural anthropology at San Diego State University. Erin is an Associate Editor with


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