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DEMA Show CoverageHawaii Shows Aloha Spirit With Debut Of DEMA Show Pavilion

Hawaii Shows Aloha Spirit With Debut Of DEMA Show Pavilion


This is the first year at DEMA Show history that Hawaii has its own Pavilion.

Twelve dive businesses share their vibrant space in support of the unique marine life and ecosystems around the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii has been the No. 1 overall favorite destination for divers three years in a row on Scuba Diving Magazine’s readers vote, so they are overdue for their own pavilion.

Lauren Smith, president of the Hawaiian Island Recreational Scuba Association (HIRSA), proudly comments that:

“This has given us the opportunity to work together and support the Hawaiian industry. We recognize and realize the importance of working together.”

HIRSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to increase diving tourism to the Hawaiian Islands while working to support and promote healthy diving in Hawaii. HIRSA further acts as a trade association for scuba retailers and resorts offering scuba charters and programs.

Hawaii Shows Aloha Spirit With Debut Of DEMA Show Pavilion
Hawaii Pavilion At DEMA Show 2018

By partnering with the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism (DBEBT), these operations were able to get the necessary marketing funds to participate at DEMA Show. DBEBT promotes the growth and development of Hawaiian goods to International markets. Since this is an international event, they decided to support a service-based industry for the first time.

Smith adds:

“Two to three years ago, there were five operations in attendance. Now, there are 12, which has given the opportunity for other operations to participate that could not have otherwise.”

Hawaii is a year-round dive destination and the local dive organizations bring a lot of attention to the island chain. There is the perfect climate, varied dive sites for all levels of divers, big life encounters, macro critters, and experiences available to everybody that make it an ideal dive destination.

Want to help support the Hawaiian scuba industry or learn more about diving in Hawaii? Visit hawaiianscuba.org.

Nola Schoder

Hawaii Pavilion At DEMA Show 2018
Hawaii Pavilion At DEMA Show 2018
Nola Schoder
Nola Schoder
Nola discovered her love for breathing underwater in San Diego, CA where she is a regular diver. An underwater photographer, she is rarely diving without her camera as though it has morphed to her being. Being an avid traveler, scuba diving has multiplied her bucket list by infinity so when she’s not looking for a macro critter hidden on the reef, you can be sure she is plotting her next dive adventure.