Blue Water Ventures International recently announced the launch of its internationally branded line of jewelry with Canada’s SponsorsOne and their U.S. subsidiary, Sponsors One Media.

The company’s unique line of jewelry includes all types of treasure that BWVI has recovered and acquired from dive projects throughout the US and Caribbean waters. The artifacts themselves range in age from 300 to 500 years old.

Blue Water’s partnership with Bradford James Designs‘ creative team has resulted in one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces using centuries-old trade beads and incorporating silver and gold from the company’s recoveries.

Trade Beads From Blue Water Ventures
Trade Beads From Blue Water Ventures

According to Guy Zajonc, president of Sponsors One Media:

“We are honored to be the company that helps introduce these remarkable pieces to the world. The trade beads, gold and silver from long lost shipwrecks were originally meant for commerce. BWVI and Bradford James have given new life to these artifacts. Owners can truly wear a piece of history.”

These are the first lines of jewelry to be offered for sale with new designs in production and set for release during 2019.

You can view and shop online via

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