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Schooner Shipwreck Found Nearly Intact At The Bottom Of Lake Michigan

It's not that often that you find the wreck site of a near-intact sailing vessel, but a group of underwater explorers who frequently dive the waters of Lake Michigan recently announced they'd found exactly that.

500-Year-Old Merchant Ship Found In Pristine Condition In Baltic Sea

Marine archaeologists have found a shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea that could be at least 500 years old, yet due to the unique properties of that body of water is in near-pristine condition.

You Can Now Buy Shipwreck Jewelry From Blue Water Ventures

Blue Water Ventures International recently announced the launch of its internationally branded line of jewelry with Canada's SponsorsOne and their U.S. subsidiary, Sponsors One Media.

Footage of Sunken Norwegian Frigate Released

The Norwegian Navy has released footage of the frigate Helge Ingstad which sank last month.

9 Essential Tips For Wreck Freediving

Are you planning on freediving a shipwreck? Check out these 9 helpful tips before you dive in!

US Navy: Mine Caused Sinking Of USS San Diego In World...

The US Navy has determined that a German mine caused the sinking of the World War I cruiser USS San Diego.

U.S. Navy Divers Finish Draining Fuel Oil From WW2 German Shipwreck

U.S. Navy divers have completed the removal of fuel oil from the capsized World War II German cruiser Prinz Eugen in the Marshall Islands.

U.S. Court Grants Ownership Of Pulaski Shipwreck Artifacts To Blue Water...

It looks like the company that recovered a bunch of rare U.S. gold coins from a shipwreck off the coast of North Carolina can now begin selling them.

Two Shipwreck Diving Books By Rod MacDonald Due Out This Month

Shipwreck diver Rod MacDonald will have a pair of books published later on this month about his experiences diving the most famous wrecks from World War I off the U.K. and World War II in the Pacific.

Check Out The Latest Art Of The USAT Liberty

After many hours of freediving, research and designing, Mike Van de Ven has released a set of comprehensive maps of the USS Liberty wreck.

Facebook Chat To Be Held Wednesday On The USS Indianapolis

The Wreck of the iconic and tragic USS Indianapolis, has finally been found after 72 years

Lady Luck and Shipwreck Park Pompano

Shipwreck Park Pompano is the latest twist to the area known as the “Wreck Diving Capital of the World”. Greater Fort Lauderdale has been...

Divers Find Missing British WW2 Sub Off Danish Coast

Divers recently found a British submarine that was sunk by a German armed merchant ship in the North Sea in 1940. HMS Tarpon, an 84-meter/276-foot-long...

Check Out This 3D Picture Of The Sunken British WWI Cruiser...

If shipwreck diving is your thing, you probably know that the ocean has done its thing to a lot of the older wrecks, with...
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