After the great day of diving yesterday, it was the Men’s turn on Day 4 to step up and deliver at the Constant Weight (CWT) discipline at the AIDA Individual Freediving Depth World Championships.

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2017 AIDA Individual Freediving World Championships in Roatan
2017 AIDA Individual Freediving World Championships in Roatan

It was a mixed day for the men as seems to be a continuation of the results in the Free Immersion (FIM) on Sunday.

With 10 divers going for below 100m and 7 National Record attempts it looked like the men were going to push their boundaries.  With the weather worse than previous days with higher winds and swells saw a number of divers turn short of their target or disqualified for failing the surface protocol.

David Mullins in 2015. Photo by Julia Wheeler Photography
David Mullins in 2015. Photo by Julia Wheeler Photography

Whilst we didn’t see the promised 7 National Records, we did see Juan Valdivia of Peru set a 48m record, Juan Francisco Gutierrez from Guatemala set a 70m record and New Zealand’s David Mullins grab joint gold as well as a National Record with 126m.

As usual, athlete protests and judge reviews are yet to happen but based on performances today the top three podium places are likely to be:

  • GOLD (JOINT) – Alexey Molchanov (Russia) – 126m
  • GOLD (JOINT) – David Mullins (New Zealand) – 126m (National Record)
  • BRONZE – Morgan Bourc’his (France) – 101m

We do expect a number of protests from athletes today, including William Trubridge and Michael Board who would change the bronze podium placement, so keep tuned as the final standings may very well change.

Whilst we wait for the final results after protests, you can rewatch the whole day below via two streams courtesy of Diveye who are live-streaming each day on YouTube and Facebook.

Read all the action from the 2017 Caribbean Cup & AIDA Individual World Championships in Roatan.

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