2017 AIDA Individual Freediving Depth World Championships – Day 5 – Women’s Constant Weight No-Fins (CNF)

Sayuri Kinoshita #VB2016
Sayuri Kinoshita #VB2016

Day 5 of the AIDA Individual Freediving Depth World Championships. presented beautiful conditions in the water for the ladies to step up once more to offer their best in the Constant Weight No-Fins (CNF) discipline.

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2017 AIDA Individual Freediving World Championships in Roatan
2017 AIDA Individual Freediving World Championships in Roatan

The day was strong again for the women as white cards came pouring in with mostly clean performances that resulted in 4 new National Records: Natalie Rudman (South Africa) at 43m, Sofia Tapani (Sweden) at 51m, Alenka Artnik (Slovenia) at 54m, and Alessia Zecchini at 65m (Italy).

As usual, athlete protests and judge reviews of the bottom plate footage (for any hands outside of the candy cane) are yet to happen but based on unofficial preliminary (in-water) results the top three athletes likely to be on the podium include:

  • GOLD – Sayuri Kinoshita (Japan) – 70m
  • SILVER – Alessia Zecchini (Italy) – 65m
  • BRONZE – Sofia Gomez (Colombia) – 59m

Whilst we wait for the actual final official results after protests, you can re-watch the whole day below via the video courtesy of Diveye who are live-streaming each day on YouTube and Facebook.


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