Does exploring underwater caves get your adrenaline flowing? Wanna learn the latest techniques?

Well, the Cave Diving Section of the U.S. National Speleological Society is organizing the 2017 International Cave Diving Conference in Lake City, Florida, June 2nd and 3rd.

This year’s theme is “Cave Diving: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,” with speakers discussing the history of cave diving, current happenings, and the future of the sport.

Tri-mix pioneer Lamar English and decompression sickness researcher Dawn Kernagis are among the speakers at the conference.

Attendees will also have access to in-water demonstrations and try-dives featuring rebreathers, diver propulsion vehicles, lights, and other cool gear. The conference will also be raffling off thousands of dollars in prizes including technical diving lights, dive computers, and a lot more.

For more info, check out the conference website at

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