2018-2019 PADI Americas Insurance Program Announced

2018-2019 PADI Americas Insurance Programs Announced
2018-2019 PADI Americas Insurance Programs Announced

PADI Americas in conjunction with Vicencia & Buckley have announced the details of their 2018-2019 dive insurance program.

The program extends the partnership between both organizations to 35 years, and over the years the program has been refined to be one of the best possible insurance coverage available to dive professionals. For 2018-2019, PADI members can expect to receive the following from their insurance:

  • Competitively priced value for money policies.
  • Unlimited cover for defence costs.
  • Individual limits for each certificate holder.
  • Introductory Scuba Programs have no reduced ratios.
  • Cross agency coverage for PADI members teaching with most other agencies.
  • Coverage for technical, free diving and swimming instruction and supervision is included.
  • No “standards” exclusions or warranty.

Vicencia & Buckley, which is part of HUB International, is the only A++ XV-rated insurance underwriter.

You can find out more about the insurance programs here.