Andrea Doria Claims Latest Victim

Photo Credit: Blancpain Ocean Commitment
Photo Credit: Blancpain Ocean Commitment

The Andrea Doria shipwreck site off the U.S. northeast coast, considered by some to be the “Everest” of diving due to its depth, recently claimed another victim.

Sixty-four-year-old diver Tom Pritchard disappeared last month while diving the Andrea Doria, according to a lengthy account in today’s Boston Globe. A diver for the past 14 years, Pritchard had visited the Doria during several previous dive trips and was no stranger to the hazards of diving this particular shipwreck.

On this trip, Pritchard dove down to the ship to secure a loosened chain attached to a line the dive boat was moored on. He never resurfaced.

For the full account, check out the Boston Globe article here.

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