Saturday, September 19, 2020

Andrea Zuccari Breaks Italian No Limits National Record with 175m Dive


Italian Freediver Andrea Zuccari has achieved a new National Italian record in No-Limits (NLT) by diving to 175m on Friday 25th in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.  Incredibly Zuccari used a normal freediving mask rather than a typical set of fluid googles and noseclip which makes him the deepest man ever to freedive with a mask.

Organised by Apnea Academy Instructor Sergio Soria and overseen by AIDA judges Pim Vermuelen and Rodolfo Robatti the dive was smooth with a total dive time of 3min 13sec.

Talking after his record Zuccari said “This result worth double for me as it is not only the Italian record but also the world deepest dive ever wearing the mask”

No-limits apnea is a Freediving discipline in which the Freediver descends and ascends with the method of his or her choice – usually via a Sled.


Zuccari 155m NLT Group Shot Zuccari NLT 155m Headshot

Zuccari 175 NLT Sign Zuccari 155m NLT Ascent

PHOTO CREDITS: Valentina Cucchiara, Andrea Condorelli. Thanks to Antonella De Vanna for dive details.

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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