Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Aqualung Introduces New Online Platform For Retail Partners


Aqualung has announced the release of a new B2B online platform.

The new software is designed to make it easier for Aqualung retailers and dealers to plan and place orders across the entire range of products in the Aqualung group.

The new “Elastic Suite” software will significantly simplify and streamline the ordering and planning process from Aqualung North America’s website.

Commenting on the new release, Andrew Gritzbaugh, the General Manager of Aqualung Group North America said:

“Elastic Suite’s leading ecommerce design and highly collaborative feature set will directly enable an improved business-to-business experience with our Brands. The tool greatly enhances access to the product offer and inspires more coordinated engagement and collaboration with our core retail partners. It also plays a direct role in the advancement of our modernization initiatives, and complements our sustainability ambitions by reducing reliance on print and related materials.”

 While Senior Director of Global Sales, Elastic Suite Sawyer Frank added:

“Aqualung’s deployment of Elastic’s B2B technology platform brings to independent dive shops the same level of brand-to-retailer collaboration and self-service digital merchandising benefits enjoyed by other industries such as outdoor and surf. By partnering with a category leader like Aqua Lung, Elastic can help strengthen this iconic brand’s commitment to sustainability while driving widespread adoption of a more efficient and standardized wholesale ecommerce process.”

Sam Helmy
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