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Artist Andreas Franke Breathing Life Back Into Shipwrecks

While venturing through DEMA Show 2014 this week, was captivated by the beauty of the underwater photography of Andreas Franke.

All the way from his home in Vienna, Austria, Franke has come to share his unique project, “The Sinking World of Andreas Franke.”

Through his experience as a commercial photographer for more than 25 years, Andreas has shot in a variety of locations and conditions, but his latest art project has truly brought together his two worlds. By superimposing photographs from above sea level onto breathtaking shots of sunken shipwrecks, he has created pictures that just may be worth even more than a thousand words. Through these images, Franke has been able to bring life back to these silent shipwrecks in a special way.

Another really special part about Andreas’ work is that visiting his newest artwork requires scuba equipment.

As each of his current series are completed, they are displayed on the shipwreck where the the photos were originally taken. After magnetic attachment to the dive site, each piece of art remains underwater for four months. Their exposure to the elements in the deep blue sea and growth of marine organisms makes each piece a one of a kind. This environmental change acts as a type of patina that enhances the beauty in way that only nature is capable of.

Franke’s artwork has become a destination at several dive sites around the globe, such as USS General Hoyt S. Vanderburg, as well as sites in Barbados and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Future underwater gallery sites are undetermined at this time but we will certainly be following the work of Andreas Franke to find out where we can dive in the future to catch another glimpse of his beautiful work. Many parts of this exciting series can also be seen in Key West, Florida and his current projects can be found at

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