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Tank Titan Secures Your Tanks From Truck To Boat

Tank_TitanTired of finding chips and scratches all over your boat and car/truck backseat from moving your dive tanks around? has found an easy, affordable solution at DEMA Show 2014.

Tank Titan is here to save the day from runaway tanks and make your boat space a little more worry-free and organized with the world’s first inflatable dive tank storage and transportation unit. This new innovation is ridiculously easy to transport, inflate, and pack away. Tired of arguing back and forth with friends of whose truck had to endure the pain of transporting the days’ tanks, Captain Weston Russel decided to create something he couldn’t find on the market. Thus, the Tank Titan.

Designed with the ever-mobile recreational diver in mind, the easy-to-transport, inflatable dive tank holder can be deployed virtually anywhere in just minutes. Small enough to fit in the back of any truck, SUV, or boat, this is a great option to protect your interior from the wear and tear of dive tanks. The simple yet clever design utilizes a lightweight PVC blend material similar to that made for lifeboats. It creates a much safer alternative to metal hardware, and an additional flotation device on-board.

The unit come in three different models depending on the number of tanks you want to transport. The two-tank storage model retails for US$199, the four-tank model retails for US$249, and the six-tank model retails for US$299. The package includes the tank storage unit, a foot pump to quickly inflate your device, and a lightweight carrying case.

The unit brings peace of mind and safety, giving you more time to enjoy your dive and less time wrangling in rogue tanks.

But why stop at tanks? We at have a few other post dive treats in mind that could be kept nice and cold inside the storage units on the way back to shore . . .

Mallory Morgan

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