Friday, July 23, 2021

Astonishing Spanish Treasure Galleon Found


When it comes to shipwrecks and treasure, it does not get much bigger than the San Jose.

The Spanish galleon often nicknamed the “Holy Grail” has been found off the coast of Colombia, by an underwater ROV from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

What makes the San Jose so astounding is the scale of its treasure, estimated to be worth up to US$16.75/~£12.6/~€14.36 billion in gold, emeralds and silver.  The ship was found in more than 600m/2,000ft of water, although its precise location remains a state secret. Even though the wreck is partially submerged in sediment, it was identified from unique dolphin engravings on its canons.

The unfortunate San Jose sank after a battle with British Navy warships on June 8, 1708, and all 600 members of her crew were lost.

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Sam Helmy
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