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Shipwreck Symposium Scheduled For April 2018

The Niagara Divers Association's Shipwrecks Symposium is scheduled for April 7th, 2018.

60 Ancient Wrecks Found In The Black Sea

Archaeologists discover nearly 60 pristine ancient shipwrecks in the Black sea.

American Civil War Blockade Runner Now Open To Divers

Civil war blockade runner the Condor is now open to divers and snorkelers

Sunken World War II Shipwrecks Off Indonesia Illegally Salvaged For Scrap

If you’re an experienced technical diver with dreams of diving World War II ships sunk during the 1942 Battle of the Java Sea south...

Virtually Ride Along with NOAA for A Historic Pearl Harbor Exploration

On Wednesday December 7, two offices from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are teaming up to use an ROV to explore the...

History Of Diving Museum To Host Britannic Diver Richie Kohler

If you live in the Florida Keys, you'll have a chance next month to meet deep diver Richie Kohler face-to-face.The History of Diving Museum...

Archaeologist Teams Discover 45 Shipwrecks Off Greek Islands

The eastern Aegean Sea is one heck of a treasure trove when it comes to shipwrecks.A dive team found a total of 45 shipwrecks...

‘Shipwreck Hunter’ Sounds Like A Really Cool Job, Huh?

If you're a recreational diver, how many times have you sat at your desk in school or at work and dreamed of being a...

Check Out This 3-D Printing Of A Shipwreck

If you're into shipwrecks, Wessex Archaeology in the UK has developed something pretty cool: a way to make a 3-D printing of a wreck...

Why Shipwreck Diving Rocks

The dive leader gets a confirmation from each diver, they are ready. A signal to descend is given, You raise your arm and release...

Treasure Diving Workshop To Be Held In February 2016

Have you read author Robert Kurson's latest book, "Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession And The Search For A Legendary Pirate Ship," or DeeperBlue.com's interview with...

6 Essential Tips for Wreck Diving

For most scuba divers, wreck diving is always an incredible experience, providing a huge adrenaline rush. It is even more of an amazing opportunity...

A Chat With Two ‘Pirate Hunters’

Ever dreamt of finding a sunken pirate ship while diving?Well, keep dreaming because the odds of actually finding one are incredibly high, and for...

Do a Virtual Tour Of Great Lakes Shipwrecks In 3-D

Is freshwater diving your "thing?" Ever had diving the North American Great Lakes on your bucket list?Well, the state of Indiana's Natural Resources Department...
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