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Spanish ‘Shipwreck Hunters’ TV Show To Explore The Galician Coast

If you're a shipwreck aficionado and happen to live in Spain, there's a new TV show there that might be right up your alley.

Multiyear Study Launched Into North Carolina Wrecks

With so many wrecks lying off the coast of North Carolina, a multiyear study of the sunken maritime heritage has been announced.

Astonishing Spanish Treasure Galleon Found

The “Holy Grail” of treasure ships, the San Jose, has been found off the coast of Colombia.

MV Superior Producer Reopens For Diving

The Curaçao Port Authority has reopened the famous shipwreck MV Superior Producer to divers.

Northern Irish Waters Now Part Of The Marine Antiquities Scheme

The U.K.'s Marine Antiquities Scheme has been extended to the waters of Northern Ireland.

‘Diving For Treasure’ Shipwreck Book Due Out This Month

'Diving For Treasure,' a new book by Vic Verlinden and Stefan Panis, is due out this month.

Shipwrecks Of The Slave Trade Could Unveil Secrets Of Their Times

Scientists are attempting to study the slave trade by examining the wrecks of the coast of Africa.

Shipwreck Symposium Scheduled For April 2018

The Niagara Divers Association's Shipwrecks Symposium is scheduled for April 7th, 2018.

60 Ancient Wrecks Found In The Black Sea

Archaeologists discover nearly 60 pristine ancient shipwrecks in the Black sea.

American Civil War Blockade Runner Now Open To Divers

Civil war blockade runner the Condor is now open to divers and snorkelers

Sunken World War II Shipwrecks Off Indonesia Illegally Salvaged For Scrap

If you’re an experienced technical diver with dreams of diving World War II ships sunk during the 1942 Battle of the Java Sea south...

Virtually Ride Along with NOAA for A Historic Pearl Harbor Exploration

On Wednesday December 7, two offices from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are teaming up to use an ROV to explore the...

History Of Diving Museum To Host Britannic Diver Richie Kohler

If you live in the Florida Keys, you'll have a chance next month to meet deep diver Richie Kohler face-to-face. The History of Diving Museum...

Archaeologist Teams Discover 45 Shipwrecks Off Greek Islands

The eastern Aegean Sea is one heck of a treasure trove when it comes to shipwrecks. A dive team found a total of 45 shipwrecks...
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