Audrey Mestre Film “No Limits” Available Online

The ESPN documentary film “No Limits” that aired last night (23rd July 2013) has been made available online via Video Sharing site Vimeo.  See the 50 minute video above or directly on Vimeo.

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  • I can only judge by what has been disclosed in this video. I've been a diver for 45 years and the one thing even for a sports diver knows is to always check and recheck your equipment before a dive. These were professionals and her husband was the boss therefore it's his fault that all safety procedures were not followed. I agree that if he was asked if the pony bottle had been filled on more than one occasion and he said it was this just confirms his quilt. I will also say that this apparently was a shoe string budgeted operation and should not have been allowed to take place with out more safety divers in the water and medical professionals at the surface to assist in an emergency. Its sad and gives the sport a black eye only, AIDA records should only be recognized and the IFDA should be banned and her husbands records should be stripped.

  • Why did the safety diver at 80 m not help? At 42min57s in the video, it seems that Audrey stayed at 90 m for a long time and there seems to be footage of this. Was the 80 m safety diver filming rather than actually doing safety?

  • When I see pipin face when they asked him whose responsibility was to fill the tank,I can see how not comfortable he was and I can read "LIES" written in his face,the body language will betray you end of the day.If what Bill Stromberg said was true,this guy probably didn't forget to fill the tank but he intentionally did it.A serious investigation MUST be done to give justice to her family and loved ones.

  • When he was asked whose responsibility was to fill the tank,we can read ''LIES" on his face. Body language might betray you.A serious investigation must be done,this is at least the right of her family and loved ones.

  • A mesmerizing tragedy. The collective pall of premonition on 10/12/02 was palpable. In celebration of Audrey - a truly incredible woman. Exceptionally gifted. Exotically beautiful. An amazing spirit. A net loss for humanity.

  • Much gratitude for making possible the viewing of this fascinating & heartfelt, albeit consequential documentary. Upon my 1st ESPN viewing, & several subsequent times on still, I'm unable to think, or speak w/out accusatory or inflammatory statements regarding my notions of any perceived "mystery" surrounding THE final dive of 10-12-02. Beating a dead horse achieves nothing, but to NOT acknowledge myriad glaringly obvious & painful details leading to the tragedy- is a travesty itself, essentially validating a perpetuation of injustice.
    The denial, & deplorable accounts recalled by "FPF"- not only highlite his malace, but ultimately do this sport, & professional athletic disciplines of any kind, severe & far reaching disservice. To overlook the nightmare & circumstances of that fateful day, I believe, diminishes her essence & lure, her unwavering magnetism, her unbridled passion for the Sea...The film does right by illuminating AUDREY MESTRE'S MEMORY, in celebrating her painfully brief existence.

  • Pipin ... at the very least should be the subject of a murder / manslaughter investigation. Everything else is irrelevant - there was ZERO air in the lift bag tank which he was in charge of. Air in the tank and she lives. After that we can begin to look at why more safety wasn't put into place .. I mean 2 safety divers (ridiculous) and no paramedic on the support vessel = complete negligence. Tanya Streeter had 16 divers ALL with lift bags that could save her life ... Audrey had 2 divers - NONE with lift bags !!! This guy is still around in Florida making a living off of his diving ... in reality he should be behind bars for the rest of his life !!! If law enforcement doesn't step in then run him out of town and back to where he came from !!

  • Unbelievable! Such a beautiful life simply cut short! I believe that Pippin wanted to "rescue" Audrey and appear 'The Hero'.. Everything is showing on Audrey's face as she goes to the ocean- to her death.. It's like she almost knew! And why did Tonya Streeter deserve and GET better security measures in place? (Maybe because she has a husband who TRULY loves her!!) where was the 'pony-bag' that could have rescued Audrey? a heart breaking story.. Someday Pippin will face Audrey again AND his maker and have to answer to someone at least!