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Australian Freediving Company A Regular At Blue Wild Expo

The Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo isn’t limited just to local, Florida-area dive exhibitors. Probably the longest trip taken was by Ray Powell, owner of DiveR Australia in Queensland.

Powell told DeeperBlue.com that he rarely misses a Blue Wild Expo.

“I like it because it’s a good opportunity to meet other people in the industry and meet up with some old friends,” he said, adding: “If I sell something, it’s a bonus.”

Powell also likes to sponsor up-and-coming, young freedivers like 13-year-old Aussie spearfisher Hayden Montgomery.

“Guys at the top level of the sport, they can buy whatever they want; young guys — they’re typically strapped for cash,” Powell said. “I’d rather see four sets of fins on four different young guys who then post on their Instagram and social media, and then someone rings me up to buy a set or goes into one of the shops that sells them.”

At Blue Wild 2015, DiveR Australia was showcasing the company’s carbon freediving fins, plus spearfishing floats and long-sleeve shirts that protect you from the sun.

For more information, check out the DiveR Australia website or find them on Facebook and Instagram.




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