Thursday, November 30, 2023

Claudine Sinnett

Diving on the Internet – International Diving Sites

Claudine returns from looking at UK specific Internet Sites to now turn her attention to International orientated ones.

Diving on the Internet – UK Diving Sites

Claudine gives a run-down of the best Internet Sites for divers in the UK.

Sensational diving in Zanzibar Island

Claudine shows you Zanzibar, a jewel of an island hidden off East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.

Neutral Buoyancy

Will Claudine ever get a book about the Underwater World she doesn't enjoy?

Doing it Mermaid Style

So are things different for women in the diving world? Claudine takes a light-hearted look at Women Divers.

The Blue

Claudine reviews "The Blue"

Looking After My Buddy

Looking After My Buddy

A Fascination For Fish by David C Powell

A Fascination For Fish by David C Powell