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BARE Introduces Two New Women’s Wetsuit Lines

BARE recently launched two new wetsuit lines geared for women — the “Limited Edition” and “Evoke.”

Both wetsuit lines are the results of all-female design teams, with the Limited Edition being geared for general watersports — snorkeling, paddling and scuba diving — and the Evoke line having more of an emphasis on warmth.

The Limited Edition sports more knee protection as well as foot stirrups and hand cuffs, plus a 19-inch front zipper. Additionally, style-wise the color blue is prevalent throughout:

“The powerful oceans that cover our planet inspire a vivid blue colorway in this year’s Limited Edition. And strong reverse-color graphics embody the rugged rise and fall of Earth’s topography. Creating an elemental design balance, and the feeling of being at home almost anywhere.”

The 2-mm shorty Limited Edition retails for US$249.95/223.82 Euros, while the 3/2-mm Full version retails for US$349.95/313.36 Euros.

As for BARE’s Evoke wetsuit line, it is the female version of last year’s “Reactive” wetsuit for men that sports Celliant® Infrared Technology. This fabric has 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the lining which convert body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back onto the diver. This improves circulation and temperature regulation, and helps the diver conserve energy — translating into a warmer, more comfortable dive, and more time in the water.

BARE Brand Manager Tyler Dickman says of the Evoke:

“This is a significant breakthrough in wetsuit comfort. Evoke is the first women’s suit of its kind to utilize Celliant® Infrared Technology. It’s incredibly warm and exceptionally comfortable. It allows the diver to focus on their dive experience, and not be distracted by discomfort or cold.”

The suit also features seamless underarms, extra long zippers, including a relief zipper at the neck, an internal sealing zipper flap with spine pad for extra comfort, and an adjustable neck seal with a “suit saver” guard to help keep water out and eliminate the Velcro closure from catching on the suit’s fabric which could cause pilling.

The Evoke is available in a 3, 5 and 7mm Full, in 10 different sizes and three different colors – Aqua, Coral and Black.

The 3-mm wetsuit retails for US$349.95/313.36 Euros, while the 5- and 7-mm suits retail for US$449.95/402.91 Euros, according to the BARE website.

For more info on both wetsuit lines, check out the BARE website at

BARE recently introduced its 'Evoke' wetsuit for women.
BARE recently introduced its ‘Evoke’ wetsuit for women.
John Liang
John Liang
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