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BARE Introduces New ExoWear Thermal Protection Clothing

BARE recently introduced its new range of ExoWear thermal protection clothing.

BARE Unveils New, Updated Nixie Ultra Women’s Wetsuit

BARE has introduced an updated Nixie Ultra Women's wetsuit that sports new thermal warmth features.

BARE’s New Aqua Trek 1 Drysuit Now Available

Bare recently unveiled its new Aqua Trek 1 drysuit.

BARE Introduces Its Force 1 Drysuit Over-Boot

BARE has unveiled their latest drysuit over-boot, the Force 1.

BARE Ultrawarmth Base Layers Now Available For Purchase

If you're a cold-water diving aficionado, BARE's Ultrawarmth Base Layers are now available for purchase in both men's and women's sizes.

BARE Launches Ultrawarmth Accessories Collection

BARE has launched its latest line of Ultrawarmth Accessories.

BARE Introduces The Reactive Suit In Titan Black

The BARE Reactive wetsuit is now available in Titan Black

BARE’s New Velocity Ultra Wetsuits Are Now Available

If you're a guy and are in the market for a new wetsuit, BARE Sports may have something for you.BARE Sports recently announced that...

Tell Your Drysuit Story, Win A BARE X-Mission Drysuit

The folks at BARE are offering a free X-Mission Drysuit (valued at US$2,799/2,508 Euros) for the best testimonial on the company’s products.For a chance...

BARE Introduces Two New Women’s Wetsuit Lines

BARE recently launched two new wetsuit lines geared for women -- the “Limited Edition” and “Evoke.”Both wetsuit lines are the results of all-female design teams,...

BARE Upgrades D6 Pro Drysuit

If you're a fan of BARE's D6 Pro Drysuit and it's beginning to see some wear, it might be time to upgrade.BARE announced recently...
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