Saturday, January 23, 2021
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How to Choose the Best Suit for the Conditions

To help you BARE the conditions, we took a look at the various temps our suits cover and which one is best for you and your local aquatic playground.

BARE Launches ‘Faces Of Dive’ Campaign

BARE has launched a "Faces of Dive" campaign to bring divers from around the world together.

BARE Offering ‘COVID-Safe’ Drysuit Fitting Sessions At Select North American Dive Shops This Weekend

If you live in North America and are in the market for a new drysuit, the folks at BARE are offering what they call "COVID-safe" fitting sessions at select dive shops this coming weekend.

How To Configure Your Drysuit

Buying a new drysuit can be tough. So whether you’re just getting started - or are replacing your 20-year-old suit - it’s helpful to learn more about modern drysuit technology and how it aligns with your specific needs as a diver.

Revel and Elate Tested in British Columbia

Last spring, BARE Social Media Manager Bill Drumm took a few of his friends on a camping trip on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island to test BARE’s newest watersport-focused wetsuits, the Revel and Elate.

25% Discount On BARE Drysuits For U.K. Dive Pros

Dive Professionals in the UK and Ireland can receive a 25% discount when purchasing their next BARE drysuit.

BARE’s Revel, Elate Wetsuits Now Available For Purchase

BARE recently announced that the company's new Revel and Elate wetsuits for men and women, respectively are now available for purchase.

BARE Unveils New Revel And Elate Wetsuits

BARE recently introduced its new Revel and Elate wetsuits for men and women, respectively.

BARE Introduces New ExoWear Thermal Protection Clothing

BARE recently introduced its new range of ExoWear thermal protection clothing.

BARE Unveils New, Updated Nixie Ultra Women’s Wetsuit

BARE has introduced an updated Nixie Ultra Women's wetsuit that sports new thermal warmth features.

BARE’s New Aqua Trek 1 Drysuit Now Available

Bare recently unveiled its new Aqua Trek 1 drysuit.

BARE Introduces Its Force 1 Drysuit Over-Boot

BARE has unveiled their latest drysuit over-boot, the Force 1.

BARE Ultrawarmth Base Layers Now Available For Purchase

If you're a cold-water diving aficionado, BARE's Ultrawarmth Base Layers are now available for purchase in both men's and women's sizes.

BARE Launches Ultrawarmth Accessories Collection

BARE has launched its latest line of Ultrawarmth Accessories.