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Best Scuba Snorkels for 2016

There are two ways to buy a snorkel, either you buy one as part of a kit, which comes with a mask and fins, or you buy all the individual pieces of equipment separately. If you have a brand new mask and fins, however you have not bought the snorkel yet, then take a look below at the best snorkels for 2016

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Seac Jet Kama

The Seac Jet Kama is a simple snorkel, however it matches the incredible Seac Kama fins that we discussed in the ‘Best Scuba Fins of 2016’. This cool snorkel has the same camouflage pattern on the outside as the matching fins. This snorkel is an easy breather and can be used as part of your scuba gear, freediving or when snorkelling kit. Made of silicone, it dries fast and is extremely durable.

Price: $29


Sherwood Scuba Tiga

Using the latest dry snorkel technology, the Sherwood Scuba Tiga Snorkel has a dry top, which prevents water from entering the breathing tube. It has a contoured and streamlined design for hydrodynamics and is made from silicone, which is comfortable when placed in the mouth. This snorkel also has a replaceable mouthpiece, for those of you out there who like to chomp down on the bite plate. Equipped with a one-way purge valve, this is certainly an excellent snorkel to have. As part of the Sherwood’s new Tiffany range, this snorkel would go perfectly with the Sherwood Tiffany fins, which we also mentioned, in our previous post.

Price: $46


Cressi Tao Snorkel

With its large-bore barrel, it would be difficult for water to get in, however if that does occur, the purge valve easily works to dispel any water that has entered this snorkel. The splashguard on this snorkel is extremely effective at deflecting any splashes that could strike, when going in or out of choppy waters.

Price: $14.95


Speedo Hydralign Centre Snorkel

The Speedo Hydralign Centre Snorkel is the perfect snorkel if you are learning to dive or you are an already established diver who wants to maintain the correct head position when on the surface. When you buy a snorkel it usually has a fixture, which allows you to attached the snorkel to your mask, however this snorkel has a soft and flexible headband, which helps to eliminate the pinching feeling, and awful headaches that can occur when the attachment piece is too tight. This snorkel also has a low profile design, which can improve your field of vision and reduces drag when swimming at the surface. With its medical grade silicone mouthpiece, there is no chance of warping or discolouration. This snorkel comes in black and is the perfect addition to your scuba gear.

Price: $34.95


Tusa Imprex Snorkel

This cool snorkel is a piece of ‘Top Rated Gear” on and is certainly a great piece of equipment to have. With its one way purge valve for easy clearing and it is large capacity drainage chamber, you will not be inhaling any water with this neat snorkel. With a cross cut design and a contoured tube, this prevents drag and also helps to increase your field of vision.

Price: $16.95


Aqua Lung Impulse 3 Snorkel

Regarded as ‘The Worlds Best Snorkel’ it has certainly earned its right to its name. The Aqua Lung Impulse 3 snorkel has a streamlined, ergonomic design to prevent any drag whilst on the surface. With a patented two-drain system, this snorkel is able to deflect water away from the main breathing tube. It has a comfortable mouthpiece, which has been designed to combat jaw fatigue and is replaceable if required. This amazing snorkel also has an easy-to-use snap-on attachment, which means that you can place it anywhere on your mask that you find most comfortable. This snorkel comes in a range of colours and certainly is an asset to your scuba gear.

Price: $23.95


Jennifer Palmer
Jennifer Palmer
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