Bonaire applies FAA restrictions

“Here is a letter from David Colvard that should get your attention and
warn you of things to come:

This morning at the Flamingo Airport (Bonaire) a number of divers, including myself, were surprised by having multiple items confiscated by the airport security personnel. We had expected some increased measures, but nothing like we experienced. I had left my new dive knife back at my condo at Sand Dollar, but they went through EVERYTHING with a fine tooth comb and took my nail clippers, blunt scissors, and tweezers FROM my toilet kit in my checked baggage. They also refused to allow me to check as luggage a box containing a tv I was returning to the States, even though I had just brought down several electronic items in the same box a week earlier. I was told it was new FAA rules, but that was not true. I had to leave it behind and I plan to file a claim against American Eagle. Several dive knives which were in luggage were confiscated, even though they were NOT in carry on bags. Another diver headed to St Vincent from Bonaire through San Juan lost his regulator repair tools, even though they were in checked luggage, not in carry on luggage. Half the passengers on our American Eagle flight had similar experiences.

Bottom line: Divers should be aware that the islands are interpreting
the new airport security FAA rules VERY strictly and should NOT attempt to bring any “”sharps”” or tools on any flight, whether in carry on or checked luggage. I hope you will issue an immediate alert to divers who plan any air travel to the islands in the near future.

David F Colvard, MD
Principal Investigator, Safety Survey of Recreational Scuba Divers
Board-certified Psychiatrist
Member of Underwater & Hyperbaric Medical Society

3725 National Dr #228, Raleigh, NC 27612 USA
Office 919-781-3141 FAX 810-314-2181
[email protected]

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