The drama around Japanese Freediver Hanako Hirose‘s controversial Constant Weight (CWT) dive yesterday continues on Friday as the judges announced, at the athletes meeting in the evening, that the results posted at 5 pm on Thursday were the final results for the day and overturning changes to the rankings yesterday evening.

This dramatically changes the results with the top 3 ladies in CWT to be:

  1. Hanako Hirose (Japan) 101m
  2. Marianna Gillespie (Russia) 90m
  3. Jessea Lu (China) 88m

The rankings had changed yesterday evening to give Hanako Hirose (Japan) a red card after significant pressure from various parties including the Safety Team, who threatened to walk out if a white card was issued.  Marianna Gillespie (Russia) had also been given a Yellow card taking her out of the running for a podium place.

Photos by Guillaume Esteve

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