Friday, August 14, 2020
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New Women’s World Record Set At Asian Freediving Cup Competition

A new women's world record for freediving in the Constant Weight with bi-fins discipline was set -- twice -- this past weekend at the Asia Freediving Cup Competition in Panglao, Philippines.

Performance Freediving International Expands Into China

Freediving training agency Performance Freediving International (PFI) is expanding into China with the announcement that they are partnering with champions freediver and PFI Instructor...

The Winners of Freedive Paradise 2015

Countless warm-ups, dozens of dives and three days later Freedive Paradise 2015 is a wrap. Winning the competition overall (and for the women) was Jessea...




PADI Launches New Adventures App, Offers Weekly Dive Vacation Sweepstakes  

PADI has launched a new diving travel app and is giving away a bunch of prizes in a series of weekly individual sweepstakes through December 29th, 2020.

Greece Opens Up Diving On An Ancient Shipwreck

Greece has announced the opening of one of its large ancient wrecks to recreational divers.

Sharks ‘Functionally Extinct’ From 20% Of the World’s Reefs

A new study finds that sharks are functionally extinct from 20% of the world’s reefs.

Huge Chinese Fishing Fleet Amassed Off Galapagos Islands

Over 200 Chinese fishing boats have amassed just outside the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Galapagos Islands, sparking worldwide concern that the Ecuadorian government won't be able to keep those boats from overfishing.

‘Hidden Pacific’ Documentary Film Will Be Screened Online This Week

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation will be screening "Hidden Pacific" this week, a documentary film profiling the Pacific Ocean’s protected and remote marine national monuments.


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