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HomeScuba Announces Expansion Of Its Website Announces Expansion Of Its Website, the most sophisticated buddy matchmaking service for Scuba divers, has released, a new web site that promises to make it even easier for any Scuba diver to find a compatible buddy for the next dive trip.

According to Dave Morris, inventor of, "Looking a compatible buddy for a dive trip is in many ways like searching for a date. If you’re a non-smoker, for instance, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with someone who smokes like chimney. A lot of divers enjoy the nightlife at an exotic dive destination as much as they enjoy the diving itself, but others prefer not to hang out with party animals. And when it comes to diving compatibility, if you’re a wreck diver using Nitrox, you don’t want your buddy to be a newbie who has never been below 40 feet. So we took the successful online matchmaking web sites, mixed them with information about Scuba diving, and came up with the most sophisticated dive buddy finder in the world."

The system allows divers to search for a buddy based on personal preferences such as marital status, smoking and drinking, amount they are willing to spend on travel, the type of diving they enjoy, and the destinations they want to dive.

"The only Scuba buddy web sites I have been able to find in the past have been very disappointing," says Kamala Shadduck, of Red Wet and Blue Diving and co-founder of Aquatrix. "They are basically just directory listings of people who live in a particular location. But if I am going wreck diving in North Carolina, I might want to know about potential buddies who want to dive North Carolina regardless of where they might live! And finds those people quickly and easily!"

The system is currently up and running and has nearly a thousand buddies already in the database. Divers can upload photos of themselves and can specify whether they are interested in romantic dive trips or purely platonic buddy diving. There is currently no charge to use the system. and are powered by Aquatrix, a private company founded by David L. Morris, whose previous companies included an artificial intelligence software company and a web-based, international exchange for ham radio operators. He is a PADI Master Scuba Diver with a lifetime mission to take manual processes and improve them with automation. The company’s web address is

CONTACT: Kamala Shadduck Aquatrix Dallas, TX USA (214) 350-7002

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