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Calls for greater safety at Dorothea Quarry

A diver was recently airlifted from Dorothea Quarry in North Wales for treatment for the bends to Murrayfield Hospital, the diver who has not been named was discharged on the morning of Dec 31.

Dorothea Quarry has been the site of never ending controversy within the British Diving Community, around twenty divers have lost their lives here in the last ten years, in the past year five divers had died in the old slate quarry.

Dorothea is regarded as one of the best inland dive sites in the UK, with depths down to 400ft – and is regarded as a great training site for divers of all levels without going to the ocean. However water temperature can drop to as low as 4C (39.2F) which makes the site technically dangerous according to Bernie Summerfield.

Bernie Summerfield, the area coach for the British Sub-Aqua Club has made calls for specialist dive centre to be located at the quarry site to improve safety and attract tourists. The spate of accidents at Dorothea Quarry is due to its popularity he said, adding " a lot of people go walking on the mountains who are not trained and there are risks with that and they fall off and die, But the media don’t cover that and say shut the mountains down and stop people going to these places"

Malcolm James
Malcolm James
Malcolm is the former Scuba Editor of DeeperBlue.com. He is a cameraman with Fox News.