Scuba Diving

If you want to learn more about what is Scuba Diving check out our feature articles and news below.

Creature Feature: Not quite Muhammed Ali

Resident underwater creature expert Abigail presents another unique look at a creature from below the waves. This month Abi gives a run-down of the Boxer Crab. A must read article for anyone interested in the Underwater World.

The Great Bahamas Shark Shootout

"Dive photographers who have always wanted to learn how to capture sharks on film will have an excellent opportunity to learn from the best...

Diving the Philippines

New contributing writer Andy Pope leads you on a discovery of The Philippines. If you're looking for a mix of local 'laid back' charm, fun and great diving, Andy can recommend where to look.

Pulmonary Considerations in Diving

DAN VP and Medical Director Dr. Moon explains lung diseases that must be considered for dives.

Dive Cayman

Ever wanted to dive in the Caymans? Sara-Lise is lucky enough to live there and gives us the best places to dive.

Atomic Aquatics Unveils M1 Regulator

Atomic Aquatics has announced the availability of its latest regulator, the M1. A natural addition to the acclaimed Atomic product line, the M1 combines...

MaxVision Mask Helps Divers In Low Light

SeaVision??s MaxVision mask is quickly becoming the product of choice for advanced divers looking for optimal underwater performance in low-light situations. Released earlier this...

DAN Founder Receives Honors

The DEMA Board of Directors has selected Peter B. Bennett, Ph.D., D.Sc., founder and president of Divers Alert Network, as one of its 2002...

Dr. Bennett Receives Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Peter B. Bennett Ph.D., D. Sc., founder and CEO of Divers Alert Network, has received the Carolinas' Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year...

Californian Kelp Forest getting a hand

The kelp foreats of Southern California have been having trouble regenerating in recent years following pollution from run off, overfishing, storms and climate. So...

Spiegel Grove Wreck First Dive Reactions

First Diver reactions for the Wreck of the Spiegel Grove indicate that the wreck will be attracting many divers for years. Reports in the...

Spiegel Grove Wreck open for Divers

Marine Park Officials have finally put mooring buoys onto the wreck of the Spiegel Grove and all looks set for divers to have the...

Don't Shortcut the Learning Curve

There is a very, very fine line between a bad dive and a body recovery - Dave looks at how to avoid crossing it

Diving Northern California

Resident North California Staff Writer Dale gives us a whirlwind tour of diving in his local area.
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