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Handicapped Scuba Association Launches In China

The Handicapped Scuba Association has launched in China after 16 new HSA Instructors were certified by Course Director Mark Rausch.

The event took place in Shenzhen City, at the premises of ZL Dive, a local dive and tour company. The company has locations in the Philippines and Malaysia, and the driving force behind the move was Mingxun Zhang, the business manager of ZL Dive.

Conducting the Instructor Training Course (ITC) was a feat in logistics, with the confined water sessions occurring at a local mall, the Luohu Commercial City. The location meant that the dive gear for confined water had to be carried from the store, down the street, through the shopping mall, and then taken to the fifth floor in elevators. The newly certified instructors are keen to start teaching, and one instructor, Juan Cui, has already started her first course.

Praising the course and Instructor candidates, Rausch stated:

“The ITC was a great success and I have new lifelong friends in China.  They treated me very well and allowed me to experience Chinese culture as much as possible. At dinner, after completion of the ITC, instead of celebrating, we spent the evening brainstorming and discussing how they could make the program work in their country.”

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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