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Cayman Airways Grounded

“Undercurrent has reported the following:

On July 11, Cayman Airways grounded its fleet of three planes, after two recently had to turn around after takeoff due to engine problems. They hope to maintain their schedule with leased planes, but divers are reporting all sorts of delays. If you’re headed to the Caymans, expect disruptions. The problem began on a July 4 flight from Cayman Brac to Grand Cayman. The plane was aborted on the runway because parts of an engine began breaking off onto the tarmac. On July 7, the pilot of another plane decided to return to Grand Cayman 20 minutes into a flight to Houston due to engine trouble. After the airlines stopped operation, the vice president for maintenance and engineering resigned. Officials called a press conference to deny that the airline would fold. However, when chairwoman Sheridan Brooks-Hurst was asked whether the airline was facing ‘crunch time,’ she said for as long as she can remember, “”Cayman Airways has always been experiencing crunch time.”” The upshot for divers: if you book and pay for tickets from Cayman Airways in advance, sounds like your money and your travel might be at risk.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Now, a Planet Airway plane substituted by Cayman
Airways for its’ grounded craft, has too been grounded because of mechanical difficulties. A flight from Grand Cayman to Kingston, Jamaica was canceled Sunday and rescheduled for Monday. A flight from Grand Cayman to Miami was canceled Monday.”

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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