Charity Dive in Ireland cleans up

Visitors to the National Aquarium in Salthill, Galway, yesterday were surprised.

They were confronted by a number of creatures swimming around with oxygen tanks, instead of seeing the country’s largest display of marine and fresh water life at Galway’s Atlantaquaria.

All was revealed when the members of NUI Galway and GMIT Sub-Aqua Club — including Eoin Tully handed over a tidy sum to the RNLI; the proceeds of their 24-hour sponsored dive.

"We got some strange looks all right, especially from the children. One child hid behind her parents and ran away when she saw us swimming in front of her in the glass tank", said Club PRO, Jamie Downes.

He added: "We were delighted to undertake the 24-hour dive and the money we raised will go towards the Galway Lifeboat station and hopefully help prevent tragedy at sea".

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