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CMAS Depth World Championship 2023 Day 3: Sadurska, Molchanov Set New CNF World Records


Ukraine’s Kateryna Sadurska and Russia’s Alexey Molchanov each set Women’s and Men’s CMAS world records in the Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) freediving discipline on Day 3 of the CMAS Depth World Championship in Roatan, Honduras.

Sadurska dove to 78m/256ft, setting a new absolute women’s world record in the CNF discipline, and adding a second gold medal to her haul at this competition.

In an Instagram post, Sadurska wrote:

“It was so special to do it today, on the Independence Day of Ukraine and share it with my country, as it means a lot for all of us!”

Molchanov’s Record Dive

Molchanov, competing under no flag due to his country’s invasion of Ukraine, dove to 100m/328ft, surpassing Petar Klovar’s previous record by 6m/20ft.

The record for Molchanov was especially sweet, given that at the recent Vertical Blue competition he blacked out during that attempt.

Alexey Molchanv (Image via Facebook)
Alexey Molchanv (Image credit: Kohei Ueno via Facebook)

Red Cards

The USA’s Alejandro Llinas was gunning for a new Men’s North American Continental Record. While he dove to a depth of 77m/253ft, he accidentally grabbed the line a few centimeters above the black tape, resulting in his disqualification.

Poland’s Agata Zalecka also fell victim to this same mistake, reaching a depth of 53m/174ft, and losing the chance to set a new National Record for her country.

Croatia’s Mirela Kardasevic and Italy’s Linda Paganelli also got red cards.

Kardasevic was aiming to reclaim her Women’s CNF World Record with a 78m/256ft announced dive, but upon reaching the surface nearly blacked out and dipped her airways. Paganelli dove to 63m/207ft but also blacked out at the surface.

Check out the full results below.

(Featured Image credit: Kohei Ueno)



John Liang
John Liang
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