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COLTRI Highlights Heavy-Duty Line of Electric Silent Compressors


For over 60 years, the Italian-based company COLTRI has been one of the leading manufacturers for compressors worldwide. Their most recent robotic innovations have led them to produce a line of heavy-duty silent compressors, with a shockingly low sound output of under 70 decibels.

COLTRI’s series of Heavy-Duty Silent Electric compressors comes equip with sound-deafening panels lining the inside compartments, making them so quiet you can literally maintain a conversation next to them. The back of the compressor remains open so it can still retrieve all the air it needs to “breathe,” yet at the same time remain silent. Each model in the HD line has four front-filling connections with high-pressure hoses available in both DIN and yoke.

The Silent HD line comes standard with a Tropical Plus Superdrive (TPS) double filtration system with activated carbon in one filter, and activated carbon and CO catalyst in the second, producing the highest quality air you can get out of the machine. Regular maintenance on the compressor should always include the changing of oil and filters, all of which can be purchased directly from the COLTRI website. The first major maintenance of internal components should not be needed until at least 500 hours.

Since moisture inside of a compressor can wreak havoc on the system’s ability to function properly, the Silent HD models have a compressor control and automatic condensate drain system. One must simply drain the condensate reservoir when prompted by the compressor.

Additional optional equipment for the Silent HD line include a tornado refrigerator-dryer, a Preset Filter control system, filter monitoring systems and more.

For more information on COLTRI and to see the full lineup of compressors, visit their website at

Sarah Barrett
Sarah Barrett
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