Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Coming Soon: Follow-Up Podcast Series to ‘Triton Down’ Video Game


If you’re a fan of one of the gaming hits of last year, “Freediver: Triton Down,” you’ll soon be able to return to that world, albeit in a different format.

The game series ended in 2019 but left a few questions unanswered. Fans will be able to get answers and find out even more with the release of “The Triton Incident,” a follow-up podcast series.

With the release of the first batch of episodes, it is apparent that the new series follows Sophia (a new character) on her quest to unravel the events of the first game, in her attempt to find out the fate of a missing crew member.

One thing fans of the game need to note is that while the new series answers some questions, it’s a stand-alone feature and not an installment of the series.

You can check out a video of The Triton Incident below.

The Triton Incident | Ep. 4 | "Ren"

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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