Monday, January 25, 2021
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DeeperBlue’s Own Stephan Whelan Featured On The BIG Scuba Podcast

With the onset of the new year, Founder Stephan Whelan is on the latest episode of The BIG Scuba Podcast.

Explore Our Top 10 Picks For Ear Opening Ocean Podcasts

Discover the best of a great bunch of ocean podcasts without lifting a finger: listen to our top 10 picks of current ocean podcasts now.

Top 10 Podcasts For Scuba Divers

Whether you are just beginning to dip your toes into the underwater world or you are seasoned pro there are always more diving topics to consider. Check out our top 10 Scuba related podcasts.

PADI Launches ‘Dive Stories’ Podcast

The folks at PADI have launched a monthly "Dive Stories" podcast series that will feature a bunch of ocean lovers of all kinds.

Coming Soon: Follow-Up Podcast Series to ‘Triton Down’ Video Game

'The Triton Incident' podcast is coming with more information and answers about the 'Trition Down' video game.

Season Two Of The Big Deep Podcast Announced

The Big Deep Podcast has announced that season two of the acclaimed show will be coming later this year.

Things To Keep Connected To The Ocean While On Lockdown

While we are out of the water for a while, check out our recommendation on books, movies, and podcasts to keep us entertained.

Check Out Tec Clark’s ‘Dive Locker’ Podcast

If you're a dive pro, there's a new podcast -- "The Dive Locker" -- that might interest you.

New Podcast Shines A Light On Humpback Whale Society

A new National Geographic podcast highlights the latest research into the life of Humpback Whales in the South Pacific.

Immersion Freediving’s Ted Harty The Latest Guest On The Freedive Cafe Podcast

Immersion Freediving founder Ted Harty is the latest guest on the Freedive Cafe podcast, where he discusses his personal approach to Freediving.

DeeperBlue Founder Featured On “League of Extraordinary Divers”

DeeperBlue's founder was recently interviewed for the 'League of Extraordinary Divers' podcast.

Emma Farrell The Latest Guest On Freedive Cafe Podcast

The Freedive Cafe podcast's latest guest is freediving and yoga expert Emma Farrell.

Umberto Pelizzari The Latest Guest On The Freedive Cafe Podcast

Freediving great Umberto Pelizzari is the latest guest on the Freedive Cafe Podcast.

Spearo Danny Clark Jr. Featured On Latest Episode Of Spear Podcast

The latest episode of the Spear Podcast features spearfisher Danny Clark Jr.