DAN Announces New Member Benefit

DiversAlert Network (DAN) offers a new benefit to all DAN AmericaMembers, and first on the list is the WorldcuePlannerTM Real-TimeTravel Intelligence Resource®

WorldcuePlanner is a travel resource used by top government officials, corporate executives andtravel agents, and is a real-time travel intelligence site thatoffers information on such topics as general travel tips and destinationinformation, climate, currency, security, documents, transportation, localcustoms and culture, travel and health alerts, and more.  It continuously updates information on morethan 250 topics, spanning more than 180 countries and 260 cities.


DAN Memberscan access the WorldcuePlanner by logging in to their online account,and clicking the WorldcuePlanner link under the “Resources” tab. For more information, visit www.DiversAlertNetwork.org or call (800) 446-2671.