DUI Receives #1 Drysuit Award

On January21, 2009, DUI received the #1 Drysuit Award from Tauchen Magazine. DUI has beenhonoured with this reader-choice award every year since its inception fiveyears ago. This award is voted by readers in Germany,Austria, Belgium and Switzerland.


DUI’sPresident & CEO, Susan Long, said in an interview “We are thrilled toreceive this award from the divers in Europe.Because of the colder waters, drysuit diving is more common and Europe has many of their own drysuit manufacturers.European divers have a lot of drysuits from which to choose and DUI can be moreexpensive – sometimes twice that of other drysuits. Yet European divers, justlike all divers from around the world, recognize the quality of DUI.”

DivingUnlimited International, Incorporated (DUI) is a diving equipment manufacturingcompany specializing in diver thermal protection and high performance divingequipment. Located in San Diego, California, DUI has been providing recreational,scientific, commercial and military divers since 1963 and their equipment isdistributed through over 400 dealers in North America and exported worldwidethrough distributors in Europe, United Kingdom,Russia, Switzerland, Australia,Japan, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Mexico, Korea,and Brazil.