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DAN Offers New Training Program in Providing Oxygen

Underscoring the need for early recognition of the symptoms of decompression illness and the benefits of providing oxygen to injured divers, DAN Training recently teamed with local DAN Trainers and Instructors in Cozumel, Mexico to conduct a two-week Training Exposition. The event targeted those first at the scene when an injured diver returns to the boat.

Jeff Myers, DAN Training Vice President, said the offering, Orientation to Oxygen Administration for Divers program, was designed specifically for boat captains and mates. More than 200 dive charter boat captains and mates, dive guides, photographers and other dive professionals participated.

"Though dive injuries are rare, safety training for those most likely to be at the scene provides them with a greater understanding of how to deal with injured divers," Myers said. "This should create a greater safety net for divers traveling to this popular dive destination."

The primary objective was oxygen training, Myers said. "We definitely fulfilled that; 175 people completed some level of oxygen training and we trained 25 people in field neurological assessments and in assessing hazardous marine life injuries."

Myers said creating such courses for dive leaders has not been easy. "They all agree that DAN courses are important, especially for those with the responsibility of caring for other divers, but it’s tough to work out the logistics when everyone is so busy working with the many visiting divers coming to the area," he said. "So, we headed to Mexico in hopes of supporting our DAN Trainers and Instructors to address these challenges."

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Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
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