Cyber News Network issues profile Nuno Gomes' deep dive – Red Sea

Cyber Diver News Network has issued further details on Nuno Gomes’ dive to 318.25m in the Red Sea.

They report a run time of the dive of 12 hours and 20 minutes and utilized a team of nine support divers. Gomes reached the record depth in less than 20 minutes but needed 12 hours to resurface after a series of required decompression stops.

The new record eclipses Mark Ellyatt’s 313 meter record dive set in Thailand in 2003.

Nuno Gomes also holds the record for the world’s deepest cave dive after descending to 282.6 meters in 1996 at Boesmansgat, in South Africa. Boesmansgat is the location where Dave Shaw died in the attempt to recover Deon Dreyer’s body, in 2004.

See Cyber Diver News Network the detailed story.