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DAN Offers New Training Programs

Some accidents happen in locations close to immediate help; then there are injuries that occur in more remote locales.

Frequently the remote nature of dive accidents, whether a few hours from shore or days from civilization, require more advanced levels of care than are offered by traditional or entry-level first aid and CPR programs.

DAN Instructors and Instructor Trainers will now be able to offer two new exciting programs to help divers deal with emergencies when help isn’t close by.

The first is a healthcare provider-level basic life support program called DAN Basic Life Support for Dive Professionals (BLSPRO). This program is aimed at the diving professionals and divers interested in understanding professional-level resuscitation techniques.

BLSPRO is a pre-hospital, EMS-oriented life support program designed for professional rescuers. This program is approved as a BLS program for use by EMS personnel who require regular refresher programs. This gives DAN Instructors and Instructor Trainers additional marketing opportunities.

Key skills in this program not addressed in traditional lay-rescuer level courses are two-person CPR, Bag Valve Mask and advanced airway techniques. This program also covers all of these skills for aiding adults, children and infants.

Any diver or dive professional interested in providing comprehensive pre-hospital care for an injured diver above and beyond traditional programs that rely heavily on EMS response may be interested in this program.

The second new program is the Advanced Oxygen Module of the Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries course.

For years, DAN Instructors have been asking for a way to teach interested divers to use the MTV-100 resuscitation valve. The day has finally arrived, announced Eric Douglas, acting Director of DAN Training.

DAN is releasing the Advanced Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries course. This program is a module of the Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries course and teaches students how to use the MTV-100 and how to use a bag valve mask to resuscitate a non-breathing injured diver. To take this module, students must have completed an Oxygen Provider course within the last 12 months, or must take both programs together.

Use of oxygen resuscitation equipment is subject to various state laws concerning who can and cannot use such equipment. It is the responsibility of the DAN instructors to research local laws to determine whether they can offer this training program.

Coupled with DAN’s existing Training programs and the new Advanced Oxygen First Aid program, DAN Instructors and Instructor Trainers will now be able to offer a complete diving first-responder program.

The Training Process

DAN Training will offer a series of BLS-Pro crossovers for DAN Instructor Trainers at the DEMA Show 2002 and regionally around the country throughout the next year. For more information, contact DAN Training at 1-800-446-2671 in the U.S. and Canada or +1-919-684-2948, ext. 555, or see www.DiversAlertNetwork.org.

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