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DAN's Dan Orr Named Chairman of Historical Diving Society

Dan Orr, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and currently Acting President at Divers Alert Network (DAN), has been elected chairman of the Historical Diving Society USA. He replaces Lee Selisky.

Orr’s term is for three years, with possible renomination for a second three-year term. Bob Hollis, founder and CEO of Oceanic Worldwide, takes over the presidency of the Society, a job previously held by Orr since 2003.

"Everyone associated with the HDS is thrilled to have Dan accept the position of chairman," said Society Co-Founder and Executive Director Leslie Leaney. "Dan’s knowledge of non-profit operations and his professional relationships with industry leaders will enhance the credibility of the Society and increase the awareness of the importance of diving history internationally."

Orr said he was honored to be selected. "The foundations of what we now enjoy in recreational diving is a direct result of the creative thinking and ingenuity of our diving predecessors," he said. "Every dive we make is a celebration of that history.

"It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to serve the membership of the Historical Diving Society USA."

Formed in 1992, the non-profit Historical Diving Society USA has grown to be the largest diving history organization in the world. It has members in 37 countries and is affiliated with similar groups around the globe.

The Historical Diving Society USA publishes the award-winning magazine Historical Diver, which is also the official publication of the Societies in Russia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, France and South-East Asia Pacific. The Societies booth is a fixture at every major American recreational and commercial diving show, and the Society holds an annual conference on international diving history.

Society Advisory Board members include Professor Dr. Hans Hass, Sylvia Earle, Dr. Christian Lambertsen, Scott Carpenter, Sir John Rawlins, Dr. George Bass, Henri Delauze and other accomplished diving professionals.

Membership is made up from diving industry professionals, engineers, librarians, researchers, curators, collectors, medical doctors, authors, military, recreational, technical and commercial divers, and is open to anyone with an interest in diving history. The Historical Diving Society USA based in Santa Barbara, Calif.


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