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DEMA 2006 Special: The Latest Housings And Accessories From Gates

With the demand for Standard Definition video disappearing, Gates now exclusively makes HD housings. With special attention to the optics that go in front of the camera, Gates ensures the clearest image possible when shooting High Definition. Three new products were on display at their DEMA 2006 Show booth.

Monitors, Tripods And Lights, Oh My!

EM43 Monitor

The new EM43 high-resolution LCD color monitor has made a big splash in the new Gates product line. This self-powered screen runs on eight AA batteries, so it won’t drain essential power from your camera. The widescreen display measures in at 4.3″ / 110mm for easy framing, and better-than-ever critical focus capabilities. Globally compatible, the EM43 comes equipped with an auto-sensing feature for PAL, NTSC and 1080/720 formats. This new product is sure to make underwater shooting more enjoyable while providing an undistorted picture to the videographer, staying true to the actual image being captured by the camera.


Want a brighter, warmer image? Then the new HID250 light system from Green Force is just for you. Each aluminum light head provides 50 watts of power at 3800 degrees K. This yields a much wider range of yellows and reds, and the unit is rated to 500 feet. Colors will be richer and fuller thanks to the new Gates HID250, which comes with a 3-year warranty.


Everyone appreciates a good underwater static shot or time-lapse sequence. An effective tripod can make capturing that hands-free moment a breeze. The new Gates tripod is both versatile and compact, and will stabilize your underwater needs. The articulating legs of the tripod are wide, and extend from seven to eighteen inches in length. Ideal for use on most surfaces ranging from rocky and rough to smooth and sandy, the Gates tripod can even be used for those hard-to-get wall shots by pointing each leg forward. When not in use, the tripod is designed to fold up nicely underneath your housing.

Not unlike the importance of prescription glasses to the human eye, the ports and optics that go in front of the lens on a Gates housing will unleash the full potential for clarity and crispness that HD has to offer. By finding the best match for each specific camera, Gates optics prevent distortion, vignetting and softness, which is essential in the world of HD. Gates has selected several cameras for which to create housings.

New And Upcoming Releases For Panasonic And Canon…


The Panasonic AG-HVX200 is one shining example of what you’ll get when marrying a Gates housing with cutting-edge technology. Featuring previously unavailable recording capabilities, this camera takes a whole new approach in capturing high definition images. Rather than recording to tape, the HVX200 records to a solid-state flash card. Two 8-gigabyte cards slide in the back of the camera and allow 16 minutes of recording time in High Definition. A benefit is not only that there are no moving parts, but there is now no capture time between shooting and input to your editing system.


Gates also selected two Canon Hi-Def cameras to house. The first is the Canon XL-H1. The combination of a Gates housing with this camera will provide an opportunity to excel tremendously in the optics department. Canon optics are renowned for being extremely sharp, well-designed and providing the best images you can achieve. When you marry these lenses with Gates’ high-end optics, what you’ll get underwater is simply spectacular. The second Canon camera housing which has yet to be released is the Canon XH-G1. Gates will be building a housing for this model which is not yet on the market, and promises to be as functional and reliable as their other “bulletproof” housings of the past. Paired with their superior customer service, these housings are guaranteed to please even the most demanding underwater filmmaker.

All three of these cameras are housed exclusively by Gates, and are not available through any other company. More is available at

Linden Wolbert
Linden Wolbert
Born of two swimmers, Linden Wolbert was raised in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Far from the ocean, she and her sister Cameron looked forward to swim team at the local pool in the summers and trips to the Jersey Shore. Interested in animals and insects large and small, Linden studied various field guides and memorized tropical fish species as a youngster. An obsession with Jacques Cousteau documentaries yielded worn-out video recordings of the Calypso and crew from repeated viewings. After discovering a love for camera and images, Linden attended Emerson College in Boston to study Film and Science with the dream of becoming a wildlife cinematographer. There she shot her first underwater film on 16mm with a Bolex camera and a housing she crafted from a fish tank. In 2003, Linden moved to Los Angeles to finish her undergraduate degree and got her Open Water certification shortly thereafter. This was a dream come true for her. With boundless energy and passion for the world of SCUBA and freediving, Linden is anxious to travel, dive with like-minded people, help the oceans and infect others with the water bug.