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Video: Act 1 Wrap-Up – OriginECN Vertical Blue 2018

Find out about the back-stories at OriginECN Vertical Blue, and get the scoop on what's really happened during the first 3 days at the world's most prestigious freediving competition

Profile: William Trubridge

We find out more about World Champion Freediver William Trubridge

William Trubridge’s Autobiography Due Out Soon

Champion freediver William Trubridge's autobiography, "Oxygen," is set for release in Australia and New Zealand in October.

#VB2017 – Vertical Blue 2017 Day Nine Results

In trend with the overall competition, Day 9 of Suunto Vertical Blue 2017 did not disappoint!The last day of the event on Long Island...

#VB2017 – Vertical Blue 2017 Day Seven Results

We're into the final act of #VB2017 and despite athletes getting tired, six new National Records were set

#VB2017 – Vertical Blue 2017 Day Six Results

Day Six of Vertical Blue 2017 saw seven new national records and one massive new world record by Alessia Zecchini of Italy

#VB2017 – Vertical Blue 2017 Day Five Results

The 2017 edition of Vertical Blue (#VB2017) continues with our coverage of Day 5.

#VB2017 – Vertical Blue 2017 Day Four Results

National Records continue to fall in the 2017 edition of Vertical Blue (#VB2017. Join us for our coverage of Day 4.

#VB2017 – Vertical Blue 2017 Day Three Results

A world record is still just out of reach, yet National Records continue to be broken on Day 3 of the 2017 edition of Vertical Blue (#VB2017).

#VB2017 – Vertical Blue 2017 Day Two Results

18 strong performances on day 2 of the 2017 edition of Vertical Blue (#VB2017).

#VB2017 – Vertical Blue 2017 Day One Results

Day One roundup from Vertical Blue 2017 at Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas - #VB2017

Suunto And Trubridge At DEMA Show 2016

Conquer new territory. That is the phrase most commonly used in conjunction with the premier outdoor brand, Suunto. Since 1939, Suunto has been hand-crafting...

Trubridge to Present at Freedive Jamboree – Gili Air 2016

Freedive Flow is proud to announce that William Trubridge (of 18x world record fame) will be on-site for its Freedive Jamboree Gili Air 2016,...

Freeimmersion.de Announces the “Eco-Prize”

Launched five years ago as a web-platform to connect and share freediving events in Germany and Europe, Freeimmersion.de is also a freediving school based...
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