DEMA Show 2012: FinnSub Unveils New 3000-Lumen Dive Light

FinnSub is introducing a new, 3000-lumen dive light at DEMA 2012 in Las Vegas.

The FinnSub Light 3000 can be used as a primary light without a canister, or can be attached to a canister as well. A company exec claims it is “the brightest, non-canister version light in the world.”

FinnSub’s new dive light has three power settings — 10 percent power (300 lumens), 50 percent power (1500 lumens) and 100 percent (3000 lumens). It features a one-hour burn time, and will soon have an option with a “smart display” on the back that will show how much burn time is left on the light and the amps that have been drawn.

The FinnSub Light 3000 will retail for around $1500 and begin shipping in March.


Keep tuned for our extensive coverage (as well as previous years coverage) of DEMA 2012 during November 14-17, 2012 in our DEMA Show Coverage.

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