Friday, July 19, 2024
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Dive the Perth in Albany

The HMAS Perth, one of the Royal Australian Navy’s finest ships will become one of only seven artificial reefs of its type in the world when it is scuttled off the coast of Albany, Western Australia. The Guided Missile Destroyer was decommissioned from service, in 1999 after a distinguished 34-year career. She had seen three deployments on active service in Vietnam during the late 1960s/early 1970’s, and many other tours of duty to ports all around the world. Today she is the only RAN ship to be hit by enemy fire in the last 50 years, fortunately with no fatalities.

HMAS Perth will come to rest at King George Sound, 300 metres west of Seal Rock in 38 metres of water. This location provides excellent access to the site from the mainland. Boat ramp facilities are already in place, the reef is only 1.5km off shore and will be visible from the beach. Due to the sandy almost desolate ocean floor, the location will be transformed into a flourishing marine colony.

While for the environment, the benefits seem endless, opportunities the artificial reef can provide to the diver will be vast. Divers will receive a rare and exciting opportunity to dive on one of the largest artificial reefs in the world, complementing the first artificial reef for diving in the Southern Hemisphere, being the "Cheynes III." The reef will also provide divers with the unique opportunity of viewing past memorabilia, whilst watching an eco-system flourish.

As part of creating historical memorabilia, a limited edition of 2000 plaques has been launched to the public. These specially produced plaques provide an area that will be engraved with your name and own personal message, to be attached to the ship prior to scuttling. This is an opportunity for the public to become involved in the historical project whilst also providing a viewing prospect for divers.

There are two plaques available for purchase, a personal plaque for A$79.20 or a corporate plaque for A$275. Further enquires call (08) 9485 1300.