In the aftermath of the destruction of Hurricane Dorian, Divers For the Bahamas have united scuba divers on the island and across the world to help rebuild the island, which suffered 13,000 destroyed homes, according to reports by the Red Cross.

At an event where the formation of both Divers for the Bahamas and Anglers for the Bahamas was announced, the founder of Anglers for the Bahamas Johnny Morris stated:

“To achieve great things, it takes people reaching out to each other, embracing each other, to help each other. And there’s a multiplier effect, to do good, to do great things.”

While Divers for the Bahamas founder Kevin Senecal added:

“Scuba divers have a deep appreciation of the beautiful waters and friendly people of the Bahamas. This campaign is to invite both our customers and our business partners to support Convoy of Hope specifically in its efforts for Bahamas recovery… Let’s not forget the Bahamian people are our neighbors and, at times like this, caring people step up to help their neighbors.”

A host of international diving companies have pledged their support to the reconstruction efforts.

You can find out more and donate here.

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