DiveSafeShop Introduces Antimicrobial Mouthpiece Fitted to V-Shaped Snorkels

DiveSafeShop.com introduced its antimicrobial mouthpiece attached to a v-shaped snorkel at this week’s DEMA Show.

The mouthpiece, which has infused antimicrobial agents right in its silicone core, was introduced at last year’s DEMA Show. The whole mouthpiece is antimicrobial — it wasn’t sprayed on; it kills off 99.9 percent of staph, 92 percent of e coli, and “in the 90s of everything we’ve had it tested for,” according to inventor Richard Mason.

The mouthpiece won a SportDiver magazine editor’s pick for best new accessory for 2009.

As part of the product’s testing, the mouthpiece was run through a dishwasher set on hot water 105 times and then retested. “It actually tested better for the tougher brand negative the second time around than it did the first time around,” Mason said

For more information (and to view the test results), check out DiveSafe’s Web site at http://www.DiveSafeShop.com. — John Liang

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