Pelican Products Unveils New Protective Cases

Pelican Products this week at the DEMA Show unveiled a pair of new protective cases for those folks who enjoy outdoor activities but want to keep their smartphones or other small electronic gear protected from the elements.

One new case is for smartphones like the iPhone, Blackberry or Palm Trio that allows the user to listen to his/her tunes while transiting from shore to dive site — or any kind of outdoor activity — without fear of water splashing onto the phone and shorting it out.

The case retails for $36 and sports an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

The second, larger new case can protect oxygen analyzers, small drives, small DVD players. It comes with a block of pre-perforated foam that the consumer can sculpt to fit their particular piece of equipment. The case retails for around $49.

For more information regarding these and the rest of Pelican’s product line (pun intended), check out the company’s Web site at — John Liang

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